Ewelina & Tomek outdoor wedding photoshoot

The formula for a good outdoor wedding photography is quite simply. You need to know the craft, understand the lighting, choose a good location and obviously have a lovely, willing (to sacrifice:)) couple.
Recently Tom and I had a great time photographing Ewelina and Tomek’s wedding day. They got married in the Polish Church of Devine Mercy in Manchester. We have chosen the lovely Prestwich Clough and Drinkwater Park in Prestwich for the outdoor photo session. I’m familiar with this location as this is my favourite spot for a walk. It’s amazing what weather can bring into the mix when comes to photography. We had a sunshine bursting through the leaves, heavy clouds, rain, autumn colours started to appear and finally more rain and sunshine again.
Ewelina and Tomek were great, funny and cooperative. We kept going and had a great time despite changing weather conditions. Wishing you all the happiness and have a wonderful life ahead.

Corrina & Tom Wedding - sneak peek.

I’m excited to share few photos from Corrina and Tom’s Wedding. The ceremony was held in Stockport Registry Office. After the ceremony we went to Fletcher Moss Park for a photo session. It was a pure pleasure to work with Corrina & Tom and here are some of my favourite photos. More to come :).

Emma & Carl's wedding sneak peek

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Emma & Carl's wedding. It was a perfect day, beautiful wedding and happy people.

I had a pleasure to witness and capture those unforgettable moments. I would like to wish Emma & Carl a wonderful life together.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. It was a great fun working with you, your family and friends.

Also a big thanks to Hollin Hall Hotel and its lovely staff for the cooperation on the day.


Everyone needs a headshot

The headshot is a specific type of portrait that clearly demonstrates a person's appearance with the aim of capturing their personality. They are typically used by models and actors but modern businesses often make use of this type of photography to represent their leaders and employees on various branding platforms. The rise of social media means that more and more people are using them to engage with a wider audience and can be the key to successful self-promotion.

The pictures below were shot outdoors instead of a traditional studio setup. The aim was to give those headshots more energy and a cinematic look. By using a lens with a long focal length, I managed to throw the background out of focus and this also helped to render the facial features more accurately without any distortion that can typically appear when using a wider lens. Also the autumn colors prevalent at this time of the year created a great backdrop and added a specific mood to these shots.

Photography - Iwona & Arek - 20th Wedding Anniversary couple portrait session

Iwona and Arek are having their 20th wedding anniversary this year, and I encouraged them to do a photography session to celebrate it. They didn't have any professional pictures taken on their wedding day so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to capture their love 20 years later.

It can be a challenge for someone to look relaxed and natural in front of the camera if they aren't a professional model or if they're not used to it. It is often down to the photographer to put the couple at ease and get them to smile and relax. It is usually easier with girls as they know how to look pretty and enjoy posing. With guys, it can be more challenging as they don't want to do overly complicated poses and some might even think that posing is too feminine :). Offering some coaching can help, for example, showing them what to do with their hands and just allowing the couple to interact with one another. Usually they quickly discover that by simply paying attention to a few details, posing can be really simple and eventually (usually after the first setup/location) the ice breaks and we can roll on with the photoshoot.

We had a great time at the portrait session and my models ;) did brilliantly on the day. Iwona and Arek can proudly tell the story that bystanders were thinking that this was their actual engagment session. They were astonished to find out that this is their 20th wedding anniversary. :) Indeed, they don't look like they have 20 years worth of marriage experience.

Engagements, or post-wedding sessions are fun, but there is also something timeless about capturing a couple’s love years down the line. It's easy to get married but staying married is the real challenge. :) Well done guys. I'm proud of you sister.

Zoe's wedding details

At Sound Pictures Photography, we pay great attention to detail when it comes to wedding photography. Together with Tom, we have photographed some wedding items for my friend Zoe who is getting married in Cyprus next week. A lot of thought goes into finding the right jewellery, picking the right shoes and all the other elements that need to be captured and preserved. For the bride, details matter, as they do for us.


Anna follow-up

Anna visited Manchester last week to see her friend that she studied with. Luckily the SoundPictures guys knew her plans in advance and offer her a photography session. Tom did some studio work with her and the following day Natan did a natural light portraiture session in Tatton Park, Knutsford.

Kirsty & Paul

On Saturday, 11th of April 2015, we had the privilege to photograph Kirsty & Paul's big day.

They had chosen a beautiful location for their wedding. The sun was bursting through the clouds over the Lodore Falls Hotel in Borrowdale in the Lake District. It was a fantastic day, full of emotion and joyful celebration for both family and friends. It was a pleasure to be there to capture these moments.

We wish Mr & Mrs Hughes all the best. Congratulations to a great couple.


Jewellery Studio Opening

The pair of us at SoundPictures spent last Saturday photographing the grand opening of Maja's & Liliana's jewellery studio in Manchester. The event took place in the Craft & Design Centre in the Northern Quarter. It's a lovely place with lots of arty boutiques and a great atmosphere. If you have never been there then I would highly recommend paying it a visit. You'll come across some fine art, paintings, as well as some handmade jewellery. Situated in the middle is a coffee shop where you can relax while listening to music and enjoy the daylight coming through the glass ceiling.

It was a big day for Maja & Liliana, the two business partners and handmade jewellery designers. They had put lots of effort into preparing for the event. Fortunately, they had sharpened their scissors beforehand and the ribbon cutting ceremony went well. All their hard work paid off as there was a great vibe and lots of people attended, including friends and family. It was a pleasure to share in the enjoyment over a glass of bubbly.

If you need some uniquely designed jewellery for your own wedding day or another occasion then do yourself a favour and pay them a visit. They can be found in Studio 12-13 located on the first floor.

We wish them all the best.