On Sunday 15 November, the inauguration of new Christmas lights took place on the iconic Regent Street in London. This is the first edition of the Timeless Elegance art installation designed by ATC Lighting Design on the streets in the British capital.

The Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, played a musical piece by Pierre Mussche from Musicom, composed specially for this occasion. Grand opening was followed by a party held at Lights of Soho gallery.  Clearly, this event was all about the lights!

Natan and I were thrilled to be part of it. We spend 3 evenings capturing the beauty of newly installed lights. I was happy to be given free hand in stylistics and presentation. It meant I could try some creative things with long exposure by capturing light left by passing vehicles and freezing time into one frame.

In terms of light design- it looked stunning. Every hour, visitors could see an exclusive compilation of video projections and programmed lights displayed on the floating elements of the installation. As the art directors of the project put it: ‘We illustrated the concept of “suspension of time”, by showing each element of an enchanting innovative clockwork mechanism, which pave a suspended “golden way” for the visitors’. They created the feeling of the sky full of stars under busy London street. This ambitious dynamic installation is also designed to evolve in time to reflect the brand values of the Regent Street and convey its atmosphere of glamour during the festive period until 2017. The lighting scheme is based on the combination of video projections, dynamic pixels, tinsels of light and LED screens integrated into the decoration. The largest elements of the composition serve as the projection surface for the scenography and unique video content.

The entire project looks amazing – it is modern, elegant and innovative. For me it is more than just Christmas lights- it is a combination of an art and the festive spirit.


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