Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events caused by environmental factors that injure people and damage property. Fortunately when it happens humanity from all over the world unites trying to bring help by every possible way. When an earthquake in Nepal had happen we all watched with terrified faces images of death and destruction. Sometimes however, it is easy to forget from comforts of our cozy homes or be distracted by colourful, shiny things that screams “buy me!” from shelfs of ever surrounding shops or markets that there are those who need our help. In time of need we can’t stay idle, we should do at least little something…

When Natan and I, found out about this great idea to rise funds for victims of Nepal disastrous events through something what we both love we didn’t hesitated a moment. We packed our gear and went to Rochdale SCP studio on this well organised charity photoshoot. We had a few great looking models to work with, couple of makeup artists and well created, hand made jewerly provided by our good friends from Destreza Designs. Also worth noting are well though out outfits that our models wore. We very much enjoy ourselves throughout whole day of shooting with fine company of enthusiastic people.

Here are few shots:





All makeups was made by Gosia and Ola.