I’m Darius. My approach to life and photography is simple; “It’s about reacting to what you see…It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organising them. You just have to care about what’s around you…” I’m passionate about many things…wedding photography, travel, my wife and people in general…I enjoy it all. It was my wife, Ursula, who made me take the first step and learn how to take pictures. She did it by pushing the idea of buying our first camera many years ago and then refusing to operate it. So I was forced into photography out of necessity, but I began to find a force in it. I spent countless hours, days, and months of learning the craft. Now I particularly enjoy capturing people’s emotions during the important moments in their lives. Weddings are such a moments and other peoples enthusiasm and energy on this day fuels my own motivation and passion.


Photographer, Web Design

I always have been known as ‘The camera guy!’
I was born in 1983. From my early school trips, I’ve been carrying my precious 36 shoot Canon film camera. It felt rewarding when my classmates would want to borrow my exposed with light negatives to magically transform them into print so we can preserve our captured memories.
Switching to digital was very smooth and I instantly loved it. When smartphones started taking over the market it was time to upgrade from the compact camera I owned at the time. My wife suggested buying a DSLR camera which at first I was opposed to as I was worried about size and weight and I’d be one who was carrying it around during our travels.
Quickly after purchasing I found I could not be more grateful for her suggestion. I discovered the power of RAW files and the limitless possibilities they can provide in editing. You definitely won’t hear from me: “get it right in camera” phrase so often repeated in the photography world. For me, it’s more about creative expression of reality using all the available tools. I usually shoot multiple exposures to take advantage of high dynamic range in post-production to create memorable images.