Daria and Kuba destination wedding; Poland

When Daria and Kuba got engaged I had hoped they’d ask me to be part of their special day. I know Kuba since my childhood and was very happy for him and his bride to be. I was thrilled when they asked me to be a photographer for the day. They got married in Poland and destination weddings are my favourite type of events – because hey, who doesn’t like travel and do what you like to do most i.e. photography?

Wedding was held in Rzeszow’s beautiful country side – the place called Ernestówka. Daria and Kuba lived in different part of Poland now. I moved out from my hometown Rzeszow well over a decade ago so it was an amazing experience to be re-united again.

They’ve put so much effort into their wedding day by planning everything perfectly despite living on the other side of Poland. They DIY beautiful backdrop wall and as set up chillout area by placing comfortable sofas in the middle of meadow for their gusts to enjoy. This was an ideal spot for group shots later on.

On personal level I was thrilled to meet few old friends that I hadn’t seen for the last 15 years. It felt so refreshing to catch up with them and listen to all the stories. I will probably sound bias by saying it was one of the most relaxed wedding I attended in recent years. Thanks goes to Daria and Kuba for having me.

Emilia and Benjamin Wedding

I had an amazing time at Emilia and Benjamin's wedding that took place in Castillon-de-Castets, small village near Bordeaux in France. They made me feel as I was member of their family and I am very grateful for this. I will write larger post in near future describing this truly unique wedding. For now let me share little sneak peek with few images from their remarkable day.

We wish them all the best. Congratulations to a great couple.