As a photographer, there is nothing more magical than capturing the love and joy of a just married couple on their special day. And what better location to do so than the historic and picturesque setting of Castlefield, Manchester?

Located in the heart of Manchester, Castlefield offers a unique blend of ancient ruins, cobbled streets, and modern architecture, providing a stunning backdrop for any photoshoot.

Our recent photoshoot of Alexandra & Igor in Castlefield began at the scenic Basin, where the couple posed against historic bridges. From there, we moved to the Roman Fort, where the couple’s love was captured in front of the ancient ruins.

As we wandered through the cobbled streets, the couple held hands and beamed with joy, stopping to pose in front of the charming buildings and shops. We also made sure to incorporate the modern architecture of the area, with the couple posing against the striking glass and steel buildings.

As the sun began to set, we made our way to the Castlefield Bowl, where the couple was surrounded by the twinkling city skyline. The intimate and romantic shots taken here were the perfect way to cap off a truly magical photoshoot.

Overall, Castlefield provided the perfect setting for a just married couple’s photoshoot. The combination of ancient and modern, along with the picturesque scenery, made for stunning and unique photos that the couple will treasure for a lifetime.