Najlaa and Myaser had their religious wedding in their home country, Iraq, surrounded by their families and friends. However, they wanted to capture the joy and excitement of their special day with a photoshoot in Manchester’s beautiful Heaton Park.

As wedding photographer, I was thrilled to be a part of their celebration. I arrived at the park on a sunny afternoon and was immediately struck by the beauty of the surroundings. Even though at this time of the year there was no lush greenery but the serene lake and the charming architecture of the park all provided a stunning backdrop for the photoshoot.

Najlaa and Myaser were beaming with happiness and excitement as they greeted their loved ones who had joined them for the photoshoot.

As we began the photoshoot, it was clear that Najlaa and Myaser shared a deep love and affection for one another. They were constantly laughing and joking with each other, and their playful energy made the photoshoot a joy to capture.

Their families and friends also played a crucial role in the photoshoot. They provided a supportive and loving environment, cheering and encouraging the couple as they posed for pictures. It was clear that everyone present shared in the happiness of this special occasion.

We explored various areas of the park, taking photos against the stunning natural scenery and historic architecture. The couple’s traditional attire added an extra touch of elegance and beauty to the photoshoot, and I was thrilled to capture their love and joy in every shot.

It was an honor to be a part of this wonderful couple’s wedding celebration, and I was thrilled to help them create lasting memories that they will treasure for a lifetime. The joy and love that surrounded them on this day were truly inspiring, and it was a pleasure to capture it all in these stunning photos